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Alexus started dancing in her spirit before she was able to take the floor. Alexus is

fastened in her space as an artist. The city native has been professionally training for eight

years in the art of dance. After setting the goal to become an industry dancer, Alexus trained

relentlessly with various creatives around the world to execute her talents in Heel Performance,

Technique Fundamentals, and Core Hip-Hop styles.

Alexus reaches out to inspire others that look like her. She humbly speaks out to plus

sized, darker skin-toned, short, and a challenged appearance for the industry. “I want them to

see that you can reach your goals looking just like me--- it’s not impossible.” Hatcher spends her

time pushing confidence into others and strategizing ways to make her skills elite and


She aspires to showcase not only her talent and capabilities but to spread love and

kindness to everyone that has an encounter with her spirit. Alexus’ most standard asset and

traits is her versatility and accountability to the opportunities where she can prevail her artistry.

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